I think it’s fair to say there was a significant amount left unfinished related to hiking in our lives from 2015. After 2150 miles on the PCT, we decided to jump ship for the Colorado Trail due to fires, closures and smoke. After 100 miles in CO we were forced to leave due to canine eviction. This simply has not set well with either of us and we plan to do something about it.

many things can end your through hike, even small, fuzzy things (seen here before heading to CO).

Many things can end your thru hike, even small, fuzzy things (seen here before heading to CO).

While we have huge plans that we will awe everyone with at a future time, 2016 is a year entirely about redemption. So, without further ado, our plans for 2016 are a repeat of both trails in their entirety!

That’s right, T-Rex and Achilles (I’ll have a post discussing my name change) will start the PCT again in early May, hope to finish by late August and head back to CO to complete a thru-hike of the PCT. In order to crush this nearly 3200 miles, we have already started a rigorous training program and continue to spend hours researching information we already know. In some ways, everything is easier this time around. No more worry about biblical locusts, snakebites, resupply schedules, bear picnics gone awry or whether we can make it. We know the answers and we know we can….and we couldn’t possibly be more excited about it. Speaking for me personally, the trail has become my life outside of my marriage, friends and family. I know my purpose and understand what I want, making the planning from this trip a very different proposition. We are in a position to try and confirm the details that allow a successful conclusion, not just confirming we can survive and have food to eat. Fantastic place to be and I highly recommend a second hike to any of you crazy enough to try it in the first place.

Blasphemy, I know, but I may not grow a sweet beard this time.

Blasphemy, I know, but I may not grow a sweet beard this time.

All these improvements include the Blog, which will change in structure, but I hope become much more useful than last year and hopefully far more interesting. Stay tuned for significant content and additional plans, but I wanted to also mention an additional purpose for this hike…Hiking for Mental Health.

I will have a full post providing details, but we are hiking this year in partnership with Hiking for Mental Health Donation page

This small, but dedicated charity provides funds for two causes important to both T-Rex and I, Mental health and Wilderness Preservation. Please take a minute to consider donating or checking out the organization.

Finally, I’m excited for the trail, but also to share it, if there’s anything specific you’d like to see this time around, comment here and we will make it happen!