Back to San Diego to tend to my fuzzy friend, Hugh.  As we were getting ready to leave Truckee, my phone rang to announce Hugh was at the vet with a re-popped out hip and a bad ear infection.  Although it was very difficult to leave the trail and my beloved hiking partner so quick after his return, all I could picture was Hugh sitting in a cage at the vet with his sweet little dog face pressed up against the bars and Sarah McLachlan singing “I Will Remember You” in the background.  Upon seeing Hugh and spending the past few days with him, there is a chance I may have overreacted.  Despite that, Hugh does remain with a bad hip, in which the doctor is recommending an expensive, non-emergent surgery to fix.  I am also faced with the task of finding Hugh a new, temporary home as he was unable to return to his summer camp with his medical issues.  Once Hugh is situated, I’ll rejoin my beloved and resume T-Rexin’ northward! 


Hugh working hard on healing this morning

Shout out to Hill Family Reunion 2015!!  I believe it is coming up next week. I’ll be thinking of you all and missing you. We are planning to attend next year though!

Please submit your questions for us!  Once the team gets back together again, we will answer your questions from the trail in a short video.  Stay tuned for updates!