So happy together...

After so many days/weeks/months of living in the wilderness, and after hundreds of miles of hiking, one would think we would be prepared for, at any point really, all of the shits to hit the fan…but alas! not the case here…

I shall leave the more detailed trail updates to Michael (trail name: Rits), but I wanted to quickly update our millions of followers. Give the people what they want.  First and almost most importantly, a Hugh update


Our fuzziest of friends as taken up residence with our good buddy, Tom, in San Diego.  Hugh has settled in quite well with his new roommate and upon our return home, we will look into possibilities to help his hip. In the mean time, Hugh is living the high life, Steve Winwood style.

Now, trail update!  Before we knew it, we had hiked through Oregon…  I would summarize my experience in Oregon as dusty, smoky, and bees EVERYWHERE!  My goal in Oregon was to survive it without being stung by a bee…well, almost made it. I was gifted two bee stings in quick succession, through my shirt sleeve, within miles of the Oregon/Washington border.  At least they offered a form of entertainment as Rits and I must have re-enacted the bee related scenes from Black Sheep and The Burbs at least 8 dozen times as we traveled through the swarms and swarms of persistent buzzing. I have a friend in Missouri who
is venturing into bee keeping…Christin, you should move to Oregon, you’d clean up! 


Hiking to Tunnel Falls

Despite the constant threat of flesh-crazed winged demons, Oregon did have it’s high points…hiking along Mount Hood at sunset as the pink/red/orange light reflected off the white, silvery sides has been one of my favorite trail moments.  My other Oregon favorite was Tunnel Falls. We took a side trail from the PCT to view them and the trail took us past many small water falls along the way.  I kept asking my hiking partner “was that it?!”  Until we heard the crashing falls from around a corner of the trail, there was no question then…definetly at the top of the “awesomest moments of the summer” list.

Rits has amazing pictures of Tunnel Falls that he will be posting and a ridiculous video of us walking through it may also exist…

It should go without saying, but my all time favorite part of Oregon were the miles hiked with our very special guest, Eight Track! Thank you again for spending the time, money, and overall physical pain to join us on our journey.  Good way to kick off one’s retirement.  Our time was spent so deep in conversation I never had the chance to play the show tunes playlist I made!  Next time…

We hiked into Cascade Locks with the plan of staying a night and leaving the next day. We were excited to be leaving Oregon and entering Washington via the Bridge of the Gods!


Who's this guy?

Finally succumbing to the never ending dirtiness of full facial hair on trail, Rits visited the local salon to enter Washington with a fresh new look.


Welcome to the Shire!

We ended up staying at trail angel, Shrek’s place for a few nights in Cascade Locks.  Shrek had a great set up in his backyard and we got to camp in the tiny house!  Also met quite a few south bound PCTers, who did not have the best news for us heading north.  Despite the news of tsik closures in northern Washington we prepared to hike out Sunday and continue our trek. Come Sunday we were rested and ready for our stretch to Trout Lake. As we crossed the Bridge of the Gods (pics to come), hikers on the opposite side had some newly updated fire news about Washington that stopped us in our tracks…  The fires ahead were worsening and hikers were being advised to not hike on to the trail close to the fire and if they were in need of assistance once on trail, resources were not going to be available.  What to do now? 
To answer that question…we would have to drink on it…  Over the hours, we drank beers and discussed our dilemma with fellow hikers…as moving on to Washington seemed, perhaps not impossible, but certainly not smart for us.


Stay tuned everyone, and cheers!

The plans forming around us ranged from hikers going east to hike some of the AT, heading home to wait out the fires, setting job interviews, or trying to hitch to Washington to volunteer their services.  After much discussion, a few rounds of beers, numerous laughs, and even more see-you-soon hugs…we developed our plan.  The adventure shall continue as our mountain is waiting!  (see how I did that?!)