As the title suggests, this will be a Carl Weathers Inspired Fitness post (Dillon in Predator, Apollo Creed in Rocky, funniest side-character as himself in Arrested Development, etc.). Who better to inspire you to actually physically prepare for the hike, then a yoked guy from awesome 80s action movies. Now many blogs will tell you you can simply get in shape on the trail and this is absolutely true. However, by doing so, you are also agreeing to more pain and anguish than is truly necessary, as well as opening yourself up to increased chance of injury, so the choice is yours. Legal disclaimer: I am not a licensed trainer, I work in IT. My wife is a dietitian, but I let her handle the food portions of physical health. That said, I have spent a decent amount of time looking into this topic and have years of anecdotal evidence, which of course means nothing.

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In this quick post, I will lay out what I have been doing over the last few months and how it has helped.

    The Circuit

I keep my Gym workouts quick, because I tend to do them over lunch, but it is pretty high intensity. Here is an example with variations of what I do 4 times a week in the gym(if I don;t describe a workout well enough, I promise Google will):

5 minutes on treadmill (as fast as possible, I try to keep it above 9 now)

(Equipment Needed – Yoga Mat, Step Platform with desired blocks on each side, I use 5 each, Light dumbbells, I use 10s now)

Round 1: 24 standard push-ups, 24 standard sit-ups, 24 Air Squats, 50M sprint down and back
45 sec – 1 Minute Break
Round 2: 24 Wide Push-ups, 24 Oblique twist sit-ups (same as sit-up but take elbows to side of each knee at top), 24 step ups with weight (12 on each leg on platform, then jumping on that foot and back down), sprints
45 sec – 1 Minute Break
Round 3: 24 Diamond Push-ups, 24 4-count Flutter Kicks, 24 step-downs with weight (12 on each leg, step down from platform while barely tapping opposite toe on ground and back up), sprints
45 sec – 1 Minute Break
Round 4: 24 Decline Push-ups from platform, 30 Oblique V-ups (15 each side), 24 Air Squats w/ Calf Raises at the top, Sprints
45 sec – 1 Minute Break
Round 5: 24 Diamond Push-ups, 24 V-ups (P90x style, both movements equal 1), 24 deep lunges with weights, sprints
Well earned Rest

The Circuit will be very tough starting out and keep in mind those numbers are about what I do, not what you should start with as a base…althought I do recommend keeping the break times similar for heart rate. Done with the hard part!


Once that circuit is done I rotate lifts based on the day, for example:

Machine Back Rows – 2 sets of 10-12
Arnold Press – 2 sets of 12

Day 2:
Leg Press (heavy Weight) – 2 sets of 10…After each set I do a super set of 15 calf raises with the same weight
Hamstring Curls – 2 sets of 10

Day 3:
Bicep Curls – 2 sets of 12 (Glamour Muscles)
Additional Oblique work

All done, and now you should feel similar to this:

Crop Top

One other weekday, I will hike with a full pack at night about 8 miles and on the weekends I try for a longer, more difficult hike with the pack. I have noticed huge differences in my stamina and recovery and am happy The work has been put in at this point, but of course, your mileage may vary. Let me know if you guys have questions and good luck!

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