This post is dedicated to the 6th and 7th grade class of St. Pius Elementary taught by my sister in law, Sarah….who recently reminded me about fractions, thanks guys!

Yesterday it was nearing 100 degrees in Lake Isabella as we prepared to check out of the hotel and we decided to go ahead and check back in…my toe was sore again anyway and the temp was supposed to fall by at least 10 degrees the following day. After pounds of salad and chicken fingers from Vons (and nearly an entire bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce among other snacks) we got some good sleep and woke up at 4AM to get ready and head to the bus stop for the 5:15 AM bus back to Walker Pass.

After some delay we were back on the trail just before 6:30 AM to start an 1800 ft ascent back into the mountains and 7 thousand feet of elevation.


Nice shade and a nice view for a break.

Sluggish morning, but it was cooler, with a great breeze. Water is also significantly easier to find (every ten miles or so) so that lightens the load a bit.


Gratuitous snake photo.

The plan today changed and we have decided to make it to Kennedy Meadows in two days, so we have some miles ahead of us…today we completed 24.3 which will leave 26.4 tomorrow. Tomorrow starts with a huge downhill followed by a massive 2400ft ascent, but after that it is largely easy undulations and descent.


From our campsite near 676

No sunset photos because it’s windy and we’re tired (which means in the tent by 630pm), but here is something:

Oh yah, today we passed the 1/4 mark for completing the entire PCT. Still livin’ the dream.