(Starting Mileage: 2041.12)
(Ending Mileage: 2062.09)
(Total PCT Mileage: 20.97)
(Elevation Gained: 1805 ft)
(Elevation Lost: 3791 ft)

Today was one of those days that despite being a good day, we could never get into a rhythm. Things started well, but just as we were about to leave, a guy we camped near and former PCT Hiker stopped by for an hour chat. Then we made it to Ollallie Lake (pictured above) where we planned to throw away trash and ended up seeing hikers we hadn’t seen in a long time and chatted for two hours. At later breaks we saw lots of Oregonians backpacking that all had plenty of questions that needed answering. (Hint: Yes we know we are amazing).

Along with  all this came the heaviest day of smoke so far. It wasn’t a hard day from an elevation perspective, but the smoke always adds an element of difficulty, along with obscuring limited views for the day.

So we had a short day, but at least we got into a battle with local wildlife. Around 1:30 we were enjoying lunch and some local birds decided it was their lunch time too and started getting outrageously aggressive.

One started dive-bombing my arm to get at my crackers and if anything dropped there were three flying in instantly to snatch it.

After this attack and all the breaks from today, we decided more miles tomorrow would be better and settled for 21 on the day. Hopefully tomorrow we can crush out 30 and avoid being victims of an Alfred Hitchcock horror plot.