(Ending, mile 2022.25, Rockpile Lake)

Really trying my hand at daily blogging from the trail, here we go…)

We had to get out of Bend. Don’t get me wrong, yesterday was great. We got our chores done, had a tour of the town thanks to George, caught a showing of Straight Outta Compton  (which was decent, albeit obvious flattery of the people who made it), hit up the brewfest, met great people and then ended up without a place to stay and laid down in a public park around 130AM. FYI, the sprinklers in Pioneer Park turn on at 2:30AM, not good.

This morning we had breakfast and called George, who promptly picked us up to drive us 40 miles back to the trail. Shepard needed his shows badly at Big Lake Youth Camp so we headed there….however, the package had not arrived. Shepard had holes in his shoes and had to wait, but we decided to press on and therefore said our goodbyes for now.


Thank you for everything George (See ya down the way Shep, keep rockin that coif.


Drying our things at the trailhead, in the aftermath of the surprise sprinkler attack.

We started into the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, which in many parts, is a huge beetle-kill and burn area, but also beautiful.


View near the top of the first climb.

It’s amazing to continually see the scale of these burns:


Smokey burn area.


Surrounded by smoke and flames.

We did make it to the lake, which is surrounded by actual trees and is a nice little refuge. Through the smoke we got the first glimpses of Mt. Hood, so hopefully I can get some great pictures tomorrow.