I’ve never hidden my affinity for the work of Hunter S. Thompson.  No matter how you feel about his politics or world view, he certainly had a position. While I may not be at the same level of living life unfiltered as someone like HST, I feel a level of understanding with his work that grows the further we push ourselves towards the Edge and the more we put ourselves out there, in that same world of uncertainty where he lived his life all the time. One of my favorite quotes by him (that I say to myself all the time in uncertain/dangerous situations) “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” That and “Buy the ticket, take the ride” have gotten me through countless crazy situations.  I’m hoping that it continues to prove to be true, as T-Rex and I have some fairly grandiose plans in store for this year, really the culmination of what we have spent our time doing and preparing for over the last three years.

T-Rex in Glacier above T-Medicine Lake, can’t wait to be back.


Simply put, our plan this year is to hike ~7,700 miles in about 8 months.  The Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail comprise the Triple Crown of Hiking. While we have finished two of those, we still lack the AT, so why not just do all 3 really fast, back to back? As the name implies, the “Calendar Triple Crown” is all of these trails in one Calendar year.  In our case, hopefully in just over 8 months. This basically means no days off, 35 miles a day, regardless of weather, type-A fun that we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to subject ourselves too.

We will start at the end of this month with the ~500 miles from the Mexican Border in NM, to Cuba, NM.  From there, we will bus to ABQ, rent a car and start the PCT Northbound to Canada.  Hopefully about 75-80 days later we will finish the ~2,650 miles at the Canadian Border and then make our way back over to the Northern Terminus of the CDT in Glacier, to start southbounding it again this year, but this time just to Cuba.  After ~5600 miles we hope to fly from NM to end up in Maine in Early October, where we will start the journey to Georgia from Maine.  More than most, we know how difficult (read: fun) this will be.  Overuse injuries will be a constant companion, along with hunger, chronic fatigue and overwhelming freedom.

Even Keel, Primo and T-Rex monitor the Grilled Cheese over an open fire experiment closely while in Glacier on the CDT. Whose hungry?

This year I plan to use our Instagram account (and matching Facebook) @mymountainiswaiting to provide Semi-daily updates (randomly 3-7 days behind to keep the throngs of fans off of us) including mileage, injury and general trail reports. Hopefully some videos will be produced, but it could be after the trip, as our free time will be severely limited.

I hope following along will bring people some happiness or even a dream of a future time they can spend outdoors appreciating this magnificent planet we call home.  That future is nearly upon T-Rex and I again, where the training miles through the city and nearby can be transferred into a constant line going forward.  Where we know exactly where we need to go every day and just have to figure out the best way to get there, mostly by putting one foot painfully and happily in front of the other.

Smiles and miles.