All work and no play makes T-Rex hungry for miles. She’s about to get fed in a big way.

It’s hard to explain how excited we are for year three of this grand adventure and living in, around and on dirt…..but trust me, I’m about to crack this keyboard with anticipation. Simply put, this is what we do and where we want to be and I’m humbled and grateful to be in the position of wandering around for 5+ months again this year. Which brings us to the purpose of this post and what our millions of fans throughout the US and all around the world have been asking: MMIW, what is the plan for 2017?

The answer: a new trail with a new direction and some nostalgia to bring us to 2018.  In other words, we will be hiking the Continental Divide Trail Southbound, hopefully followed by about the southern 950 miles of the PCT Southbound as well in the fall/early winter.  We plan to start in Glacier National Park at the Canadian border around July 1st, hopefully completing the ~2850 miles of the CDT in New Mexico by Early to Mid October. Then we’d like to head over to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite NP and start southbound to experience the fall in The Sierra as well as the late fall in the Southern California Desert.  That’s a lot of miles; trail alone ~3800 this season.  More miles means more places, more experiences and more ribs/cheekbones exposed by the end of it.

So many selfies, I hope you’re ready.

The CDT is a bit of different beast, but also similar in many ways, still being in the American West.  Far less people attempt it (perhaps 10-15% as many thru-hikers as the PCT) and far less people hike the trail as day-hikers, because it tends to be much further from population centers. This makes resupplies further apart and trail magic/water caches far more rare, but also is exactly a reason we are so excited  The solitude of remote wilderness areas is what it’s about.  That brings certain dangers and yes, Montana does have Grizzlies, but I will get into specifics on the trail in a future post.  For now, if you would like general info from the great people at the Continental Divide Trail Coalition (CDTC), you can find it here:

Try drinking hard city tap water after you drink it from the source…..we need our fix.

Once we’ve meandered through Montana, bit of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico, we’ll head over to Yosemite NP.  Then hike south through the Sierra on the PCT and then across the Southern California Desert.  Obviously, we love the PCT.  We have even bigger plans in the future for it, but this year we just want to relive some old hits in a new time of year in a new direction.  Oddly, I am almost more excited for that than the CDT, but that’s just because it is “comfortable”. The CDT puts us back to being beginners on a trail, but that adds it’s own excitement.

I plan to seriously step up my marmot photo game this year, if for nothing else than to warn the world of their plots….

I will be traveling a bit in June with some side trips, possibly to be joined by T-Rex.  That said, now that winter hibernation is over, more posts and media should be coming out soon…including gear reviews.  Any questions or marmot related discussion can be held in the comments below.

I mentioned selfies, easily one of my favorite from 2016. Miss you guys.